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Mental health therapy where different is the new norm and acceptance is an everyday thing.

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Therapy on your time, utilizing your current point of origin as a pivot to greatness from the comfort of your home, your desk, your car, anywhere you may be!

Behavior management, improve family structure

Find your sweet spot!

Coaching, mood, confidence, family structure, defining direction and accepting your point of origin

Undress the stigma & expectation and uncover your happiness.

Points of Origin, LLC is a minority-owned psychotherapy practice is centrally located in Upstate South Carolina.  Our services are centered around representative care, education, tailored individual care and integrated somatic experiencing.  We use applied treatment techniques to reshape your narratives and the way you view the world while integrating various cultural and personal contexts.  At Points of Origin, we also understand the value of our community and the importance of shaping the physical, mental, and emotional weight of life experiences. This practice has developed out of the Somatic Experiencing® approach, which has been used successfully in addictions treatment, education and clinical psychology for decades.

Our practice is owned and run by a black woman, Shameka Argo, MS, LPCS who is trained in administering the CALOCUS, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Trauma Focused Behavior Therapy, Somatic Sensing Techniques, Play Therapy and a variety of other areas.   Points of Origin, LLC not only cherishes the smiles of our clients but also our clinicians as we truly love what we do.  In addition to providing clinical supervision and case consultation, our agency offers onsite training for newly licensed clinicians as well as graduate-level professionals as part of our internship program which sets us apart from other psychotherapy practices.

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"Shameka definitely has a heart for what she does. I have 3 kids and my oldest was having some behavioral issues that I was at a loss with. Shameka did several in home sessions in our normal everyday setting and it was great. It allowed my oldest to be in his own realm and allowed Shameka to assess him and myself doing everyday things. We are still a work in progress but I personally learned a lot of my parenting and contribution to his behavior. I also learned how to redirect certain situations and help him to redirect his behavior in a more positive way. Thanks so much. "
crystal m.
"We recommend coming to Shameka, she was very helpful to us. At first we were skeptical but after the first session, we felt a lot of weight lifted off our backs. We learned to be better listeners and understand each other. She was very professional and knowledgeable."
joe & Sue S.
"My kids have been going to see Shameka, who has been absolutely amazing. One of my kids had some major anger built up in her and my other child was super anxious and shy. A year-and-a-half later they are ready to graduate. They get along well and my anxious child has blossomed into a wonderful little girl who has become a leader at school. She has done a complete 180 from who she used to be all thanks to Shameka and her guidance. My angry child now expresses how she feels without violence. So thank you so much Shameka. You have made a world of difference in my family and I'm forever grateful. "
"Shameka Argo is a wonderful person who has helped me to help my daughter in so many ways. My daughter had anxiety at a very young age that was beyond me being able to fix. In a few sessions with Shameka she started to show improvement. She helped my daughter build confidence in herself which helped in many other areas including school. After spending several month with her my daughter started to transform into a more independent young lady with confidence to help her through everyday tasks and struggles. I would recommend anyone with a child that is having a hard time coping with life struggles at a young age to spend time with Mrs. Argo and you will see a difference. It is one of the best thing it could have done for my child. She has helped my daughter to communicate with me and others and also helped me understand the things my daughter was trying my daughter was trying to communicate to me but didn't know how we are very thankful and blessing to have been lucky enough to have Shameka grace us with her gift to help us."
"I feel that I've made a lot of progress & I'm more in tune with and in control of my emotions. I can come here and open up & not be judged. That's exactly what I needed. I would definitely recommend people to Points of Origin in the future. "
"The experience with Points of Origin has been life changing. I never had the opportunity to release toxic energy and Shameka gave an open ear to all my problems and made sure I had the resources needed to do so, This experience saved my life. I would recommend her services to anyone. I also plan to continue therapy ."
If you need someone (therapist) who listens and explains things for therapy, Shameka has been the best thing for us. My baby has been through so much before we got her and in the months that we have been with her, she has helped us all with the healing of our baby and helping us to understand how to help her as far as her personality. I couldn’t thank you enough for being there for us I would highly recommend Shameka Argo. We will always be forever grateful for you. Shameka, you are like part of the family to her and us all. Thank You for everything Monica P.

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